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This message is for all members and families within the USA organization. Please share with all other USA members. 

Please share this message with ALL members of the USA family and organization.

Hopefully, you’re all adjusting well to social distancing recommendations and the recent changes in our daily schedules.

As events unfold locally, nationally, and internationally, with the spread of COVID-19, the status of Utah Soccer Alliance events, games, and training sessions has not changed. Our  decision and response to the situation have been common sense steps to limit the threat of transmission. We will assess and re-evaluate our decisions, as we gather more information. We will provide more direction on or before April 20.

Games, team training sessions, and Club events are suspended indefinitely. We are waiting for information from Federal and State leaders when these activities are prudent and safe to resume. Currently, Bluffdale Park, West Jordan Complex and the local schools have closed their fields to our use, through April 30. The field closures may extend, until safety concerns with large group gatherings have been eliminated.

UYSA has continued monitoring this situation, and they are developing contingency plans for resuming Spring soccer activities. As a member organization, we are in daily contact with UYSA about these future plans.

Given the first death from this outbreak in Utah, it’s important for all USA members to take critical steps and help stop the spread of this virus. We continue to encourage all members to proactively employ the following prevention methods, recommended by the CDC:

  1. Keep your hands clean. Wash your hands often with soap and warm water for 15 seconds. If soap and water aren’t available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

  2. Avoid physical contact with people who are sick.

  3. Avoid ALL non-essential travel.

  4. Avoid gatherings larger than 10 people or more.

  5. Avoid touching your face (eyes, nose, mouth) with unwashed hands.

  6. Avoid touching high-touch surfaces in public spaces.

  7. Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that are frequently touched in your home and place of work.

 Please help to spread an educated message.

 Also, players should continue with the Daily Challenges, weekly conditioning, and weekly skills work during these difficult times. These are being sent via email, through TeamSnap. Please read them.

-USA Executive Board of Directors

We will assess and re-evaluate this decision as we gather more information. Thank you for your patience and support.


USA Distance Learning Curriculum

This past week, Utah Soccer Alliance started it's Distance Learning via skills challenges, fitness, and technical workouts.  Beginning this coming week, we will be adding Tactical Analysis Assignments into the Distance Learning Curriculum.

The assignments linked below are for all of the U13 through U19 players. For the girls, the video to watch and analyze will be the USWNT v Spain. For the boys, the video to watch and analyze will be Real Madrid v Barcelona.

To start your assignment, please click the respective link below and have fun with the game analysis.  Remember, we are asking you to step outside your comfort zone as a player, and start to think how we break down opponents as a coach.

USA Girls Week 1 - Distance Learning Assignment 1

USA Boys Week 1 - Distance Learning Assignment 1

If you need help, feel free to contact your coach, your teammates, or any of us.  Have fun and good luck!

Dennis, Patrick, and Fred



CHALLENGE #1  (March 17)     CHALLENGE #2 (March 18)     CHALLENGE #3  (March 19)

CHALLENGE #4  (March 20)     CHALLENGE #5  (March 21)     CHALLENGE #6  (March 22)

CHALLENGE #7  (March 23)     CHALLENGE #8  (March 24)     CHALLENGE #9  (March 25)

CHALLENGE #10  (March 26)     CHALLENGE #11  (March 27)     CHALLENGE #12  (March 28)

CHALLENGE #13  (March 29)     CHALLENGE #14  (March 30)     CHALLENGE #15  (March 31)

CHALLENGE #16  (April 1)     CHALLENGE #17  (April 2)     CHALLENGE #18  (April 3)

CHALLENGE #19  (April 4)     CHALLENGE #20  (April 5)     CHALLENGE #21  (April 6)

Please video each challenge and share with your head coach thru GroupMe or TeamSnap.

Have fun with each skills challenges and practice individually on a daily basis. Keep working hard!


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Your 2020 Del Sol PDT Champions



USA Results In Desert Conference

Our 08 Girls, 06 Boys, 05 Boys, 04 Girls, and 02 Girls wrap up their Desert Conference schedules this weekend, competing against the best teams in AZ, NM, NV, and UT. Go USA!!!

02 Girls National League

USA Teams Finish National League Schedule

Good luck to our 02 girls and 05 boys as they wrap up their National League schedules!


USA Players At National Team Camp

Congratulations to Trevor Walk and Miguel Arellano from our 2005 Premier Team. They were invited to attend the National Team camp in Carson, California. Keep up the good work, boys!!



Utah Soccer Alliance (USA), is proud to announce the opening of the United Soccer Center, home of USA’s official year round training facility. On December 2, 2019 USA has taken full ownership and management of the Utah Sports Lodge, located at 12432 S Meadow Spring Lane (3670 W) in Riverton, Utah. The United Soccer Center will serve as the official headquarters to Utah Soccer Alliance and provide a home for year round training and development for the 1,000+ players who are a part of their competitive soccer development program. 

“Soccer players in Utah have a disadvantage in their development because the Winter months prevent year round outdoor training.” Says USA president Rich Hathaway.

Director of Coaching, Dennis Burrows adds, “The United Soccer Center facility solves that problem, and allows for year round development. As much as the United Soccer Center is for USA players, we are also excited to promote the growth of soccer in Utah by supporting indoor leagues and open play.”

USA has a 20 year history of developing boys and girls youth soccer players in Salt Lake County. They are one of the largest clubs in the State of Utah, spanning from Salt Lake City to Herriman, and host to the annual USA Adidas Cup tournament. USA’s commitment to player development has earned their teams national level ranking and opened doors to collegiate play for many players.

The United Soccer Center Grand Opening, Ribbon Cutting ceremony, and Open House will be held on Saturday, December 14, from 11am-noon.

Several local community members and representatives will be involved in the festivities. Please plan to attend and participate.



Congratulations to all our 2019 Presidents Cup medal winners!

  • U16 Boys Champions
  • U12 Bronze Champions
  • U12 Bronze Finalist
  • U11 Platinum Finalist
  • U10 Copper Champions
  • U10 Bronze Champions
  • U9 Gold Champions




Our passion for this sport in this community runs deep.   Since 2003 Utah Soccer Alliance (USA) has been promoting the development of Utah youth soccer players.  With 100% of our focus being on the player, we have seen our once U7 players move on to collegiate programs.  We have seen "novice" soccer players break through the game at premier levels in record time.  We have seen the bond that the game brings, not only with players, but with generations of their families who play, return, support. 

The roots of our program have turned into  the branches of success as we have merged with other clubs and been given the opportunity to offer our philosophy of soccer into new areas, new players, new families. 

We have built a program that provides all comp soccer players a place to STAY...not just a place to play.  We firmly believe that our tiered levels of play; Premier, Elite, Select, Classic, and Academy support all players in their growth.  In nearly every age group USA has 3-4 teams where players can find their path thru coaches who specialize in the development the player desires in order to grow.

Utah Soccer Alliance is family.  Soccer is the glue that holds us together. We wear our Red, White, and Blue with pride.   We are built to last.  We play to compete.  We build on our losses as much as we do from our wins.  We develop.

We welcome you at our tryouts, across the field as our competitors, as fans, families, volunteers, spectators, nay-sayers...and believers.

We invite you to learn about Utah Soccer Alliance. 

We invite you to LOVE THE GAME.

What Level of Player Are You?

Check out where you might fit into our program. From Premier to Academy, we have competitive programs for nearly every player. See how your player profile matches with USA club expectations.



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