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Covid Updates



This message is for all members and families within the USA organization. Please share with all other USA members. 

We sincerely hope everyone is doing well in these uncertain and unprecedented times. We understand most, if not all, players are missing teammates, training sessions, and games. We understand most, if not all, parents want their children back with teams and playing.

As of 8:30pm on Wednesday night, we now have options!  We are cleared to begin training in groups of less than 20, with specific guidelines and protocols. Several teams will be testing these guidelines and protocols, beginning tomorrow, May 7.  Once we have a proven implementation plan and finish our training schedule, we will share it with each team Head coach. We will be returning to play at the United Soccer Center field in Riverton, in strict accordance with the attached UYSA Guideline document.

We have been happy to see coaches and players working to improve their technical qualities, during this forced break from team activities. The health of players and families remains our number one priority. We share the same desire to be playing.

Utah Youth Soccer Association (UYSA) has solicited discussions and accepted feedback from many member organizations (Clubs).  We have participated, as a Club, trying to formulate reasonable plans to move forward. Our Directors of Coaching (Dennis Burrows and Fred Velez), our Technical Director (Patrick Rennie) and our Administrative Director (Dick Kunz), have participated in these discussions and continued to stay involved with UYSA, as we work through the next potential steps forward. Unfortunately, these plans have a significant amount of uncertainty surrounding what will be allowed by State and local leaders. We do NOT have an entire concrete plan in place, yet.

UYSA has sent every parent multiple emails, regarding letters and appeals to the Governor, asking for consideration to resume limited team activities in May.

We will have challenges as the next phases of the 'Stay Home, Stay Safe' directive are implemented. UYSA has prioritized ‘getting back to normal’ and hosting tryouts, in consultation with the Clubs, over making an attempt to hold a Spring season. Continued social distancing directives; from the Governor, Salt Lake County, and many cities we play in, means UYSA and USA are unable to host or schedule a Spring season. The USA home fields are RESTRICTED from team sports, by the applicable school districts and local cities. UYSA has sent multiple emails stating the Spring season will NOT happen. There was discussion of moving the Spring season to the Summer months. The overall consensus has been the many unknowns related to fields opening, combined with the scheduling challenges may make this idea difficult to implement.

UYSA is leaning toward scheduling a Summer play series, with an informal competition structure. This may not be ideal and the details are not fully fleshed out for how this series will work. The idea is dependent upon many factors. The main concept is to resume some form of game activity, using social distancing provisions for attendance and game play. They have acknowledged an expectation for continuing restrictions related to large group gatherings.

After many meetings, multiple Clubs and UYSA leadership are pushing for the ability to conduct reasonable sized tryouts in May or June. The number of participants and structure, due to the size of these gatherings, and exact timing of tryouts, are still unanswered questions. Many, many contingency plans are being explored and developed. We will provide additional details as they become available. The USA website will be updated this week with tryout registration information.

The USA Executive Board of Directors has been discussing financial challenges and requests for refunds. At this point in time, due to the Club’s hard costs, monthly expenses, and other financial responsibilities, we will be unable to offer player fee refunds. Please remember, the USA Club is a non-profit organization and exists for your children to learn and play soccer.

We do feel obligated by our Club ideals, and our mission, to take a hard look at holding or possibly reducing player fees, for the 2020-2021 seasonal year. We are asking for your patience while we finalize the future player fee cost structure.

We will share updated information, as it becomes available. The future plans are still fluid. It may be several weeks before these plans become concrete for team sports activities. Last, we can't wait to be back on the pitch, and resume our ‘normal’ activities with you and your children, while enjoying the beautiful game.

Thank you and have an excellent week!

Utah Soccer Alliance Executive BOD and Staff Coaches

We are assessing, evaluating, and sharing  these decision, as soon as the information is available. Thank you for your patience and support.



This message is for all members and families within the USA organization. Please share with all other USA members. 

Our decisions and response to this situation have been common sense steps to limit the risk of transmission. We will continue to assess and re-evaluate our decisions, as we gather more information. We will provide more direction, as it becomes available, or May 15, whichever comes earlier.

As our USA soccer family members, we want you to be included and informed, as new information becomes available to the Club leadership.

Hopefully, you're adjusting to social distancing and the recent changes in our daily lives. We care and are here for you. We understand this may be a difficult time for families, parents, players, and coaches. Please remember, we are all in this together.

Until the Governor, UYSA, and health care provider’s give us permission to play or practice team sports, we are asking each and every one of you to please be patient with UYSA and us as an organization.  We will let you know when it’s appropriate and prudent to resume training. We ALL want to be on the pitch.

Based on the Governor's and UYSA recommendations, we are NOT able to play games or begin training.  The letter from UYSA, sent directly to you on Monday, April 27, stated;

  1. .  .  . we are unable to offer UYSA League soccer games in May. This applies to all UYSA Leagues.
  2. As a reminder, this suspension of soccer activity doesn’t just include league games, but also includes all activity inconsistent with Utah’s Stay At Home Directive which includes close-contact and team sports activities.
  3. The Governor's Stay At Home Directive, Section 6.c, referenced above, specifically states, Do NOT engage in close-contact or team sports.
  4. Additionally, the Phased guidelines addendum to Utah Leads Together 2.0 ( states, "Exhibit caution when engaging in close-contact or team sports' is in the Yellow phase.  On May 1st we are moving from the Red phase to the Orange phase.

During the next few weeks, we will continue to provide distance learning and specialized training through Zoom (and other video training), our Daily Challenges, weekly skills and conditioning, tactical analysis, and video meetings, until we can do something different.

We are preparing to take the next small step forward. We have been working on plans to phase in small, then medium, and finally large groups for training and games. To this end, last weekend, a group of individuals, working in small teams, started the United Soccer Center dome disassembly.

Please help to spread an educated message.

-USA Staff Coaches and Executive Board of Directors

We are assessing, evaluating, and sharing  these decision, as soon as the information is available. Thank you for your patience and support.



This message is for all members and families within the USA organization. Please share with all other USA members. 

Please share this message with ALL members of the USA family and organization.

Hopefully, you’re all adjusting well to social distancing recommendations and the recent changes in our daily schedules.

As events unfold locally, nationally, and internationally, with the spread of COVID-19, the status of Utah Soccer Alliance events, games, and training sessions has not changed. Our decision and response to the situation have been common sense steps to limit the threat of transmission. We will assess and re-evaluate our decisions, as we gather more information. We will provide more direction on or before April 20.

Games, team training sessions, and Club events are suspended indefinitely. We are waiting for information from Federal and State leaders when these activities are prudent and safe to resume. Currently, Bluffdale Park, West Jordan Complex and the local schools have closed their fields to our use, through April 30. The field closures may extend, until safety concerns with large group gatherings have been eliminated.

UYSA has continued monitoring this situation, and they are developing contingency plans for resuming Spring soccer activities. As a member organization, we are in daily contact with UYSA about these future plans.

Given the first death from this outbreak in Utah, it’s important for all USA members to take critical steps and help stop the spread of this virus. We continue to encourage all members to proactively employ the following prevention methods, recommended by the CDC:

  1. Keep your hands clean. Wash your hands often with soap and warm water for 15 seconds. If soap and water aren’t available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

  2. Avoid physical contact with people who are sick.

  3. Avoid ALL non-essential travel.

  4. Avoid gatherings larger than 10 people or more.

  5. Avoid touching your face (eyes, nose, mouth) with unwashed hands.

  6. Avoid touching high-touch surfaces in public spaces.

  7. Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that are frequently touched in your home and place of work.

 Please help to spread an educated message.

 Also, players should continue with the Daily Challenges, weekly conditioning, and weekly skills work during these difficult times. These are being sent via email, through TeamSnap. Please read them.

-USA Executive Board of Directors

We will assess and re-evaluate this decision as we gather more information. Thank you for your patience and support.




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